CNSX Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

CNSX Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
CNSX Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
CNSX Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
CNSX Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Functions and characteristics

Item No. CNSX100-250 CNSX400-630
Number of poles   3P, 4P
Control Manual with toggle
with direct or extended rotary handle
Connections Fixed front connections
Plug-in front connections/rear connections
Electrical characteristics as per IEC60947 and EN60947-2
Rated current(A) In 16,25,32,40,50,63,80,100,125,160,200,250 400,500,630
Rated insulation voltage(V) Ui 800
Rated impulse withstand voltage(kV) Uimp 8
Rated operational voltage(V) Ue AC 50/60Hz,690
Utilization category   A
Breaking capacity levels   F      N     H
Breaking capacity (kA rms)
AC 50/60 Hz  380/415 V
lcu 36,    50,   70
Service breaking capacity (kA rms)
AC 50/60 Hz  380/415 V
lcs 36,    50,   70
Operation performance Mechanical 20000 10000
Electrical 10000 5000
Protection   Chart B-1   B-2
Indication and control auxiliaries
Auxiliary switch  
MX Shunt coil  
MN under-voltage coil  

Chart B-1


Overload protection: Thermal protection (Ir)
Thermal overload protection based on a bimetal strip providing an inverse time curve l2t, corresponding to a temperature rise limit. Above this limit, the deformation of the strip trips the circuit breaker operating mechanism.

overload protection has the following characteristics:

  • lr that can be adjusted in amps from 0.7 to 1 times the rating of the trip unit(16A to 250A),
  • corresponding to settings from 11 to 250A for the range of trip units.

Anon-adjustable time delay.

Short-circuit protection: Magnetic protection (Im) Short-circuit protection with a fixed or adjustable pick-up lm that initiates instantaneous tripping if exceeded.

  • TM-D: fixed pick-up, Im, for 16-160A ratings and adjustable from 5 to 10 x In for 200 and 250A ratings.

Chart B-2:DB112025 

Protection of distribution system

LED indications:DB112019


Settings are made using the adjustment dials with fine adjustment possibilities.
Overload protection: long time protection (lr)
lnverse time protection against overloads with an adjustable current pick-up lr set using a dial and a non-adjustable time delay tr.
Short-circuit protection: Short-time protection with fixed time delay (lsd)
Protection with an adjustable pick-up lsd.Tripping takes place after a very short delay used to allow discrimination with the downstream device.
Short circuit instantaneous protection: (li)
lnstantaneous short-circuit protection with a fixed pick-up.

Overall dimensions CNSX/CNS/CNSV 100~250

Overall dimensions CNSX/CNS/CNSV 400~630

CNSX 100 to 250

TM 30D/TM32D TM40D Graph

TM50D TM63D Graph

TM80D / TM100D TM125D/TM160D Graph

TM200D / TM250D

MicroLogic 2.3,4.3-250...400A Graph

MicroLogic 5.3 and 6.3A or E and 7.3E -400A Graph

CNSX400 to 630 Graph

CNSX400 to 630 Graph -1

MicroLogic 2.3M-320A Graph

MicroLogic 6.3 E-N-320A Graph

MicroLogic 6.3E-M(ground fault protection) Graph

MicroLogic 6.3 E-M-320A Graph


Model Qty/CTN(pcs) GW(kg) NW(kg) Carton Size(cm)
CNSX-100 3P 12 21.5 19.2 42.5*40*24.5
CNSX-100 4P 8 18.6 16.8 40.5*29*31
CNSX-160 3P 12 22 19.7 42.5*40*24.5
CNSX-160 4P 8 19.4 17.6 40.5*29*31
CNSX-250 3P 12 24 21.5 42.5*40*24.5
CNSX-250 4P 8 21 19.2 40.5*29*31
CNSX-400 3P 4 24 21.5 33*31*30.5
CNSX-400 4P 4 30.5 27.5 48.5*29.5*23
CNSX-630 3P 4 24.8 22.3 33*31*30.5
CNSX-630 4P 4 31.5 28.5 48.5*29.5*23

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