How to choose the Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)?

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I. What is ACB?


ACB (Air Circuit Breaker) is the high performance electrical protection device, which is widely used in electric power system, especially in the occasions that require frequent operation and high reliability protection. ACB combines the advantages of traditional air circuit breaker and the innovation of modern power electronic technology, which can quickly cut off the circuit under abnormal conditions such as short circuit, overload and under-voltage, and protect the safety of equipment and personnel.


ACB is mainly composed of contact system, arc extinguishing system, operating mechanism and protection control unit. The contact system is responsible for circuit connection and disconnection, and the arc extinguishing system is used to quickly extinguish the arc when the contact is separated, avoiding the arc of the equipment and personnel injury. The actuator is the executor of the ACB action, which accepts the signal from the protection control unit and drives the contact system for opening and closing operation.


ACB has many advantages, such as strong breaking capacity, fast action, long service life, easy maintenance and so on. At the same time, ACB also has intelligent protection function, which can monitor the circuit status in real time and automatically adjust and protect according to the preset protection parameters.



II. How to choose ACB.


1. Poles


SSPD offer 3 pole and 4pole ACB for selection.



2. Suitable rated current and rated working voltage


When selecting an ACB, the first thing to consider is whether its rated voltage and rated current meet the requirements of the application. The rated voltage of SSPD ACB is 690V AC 50/60Hz, and the rated currents are 800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A, 2000A, 2500A, 3200A, 4000A, 5000A, 6300A.


3. Installation


SSPD ACB has two kinds of installation methods: fixed type and withdrawal type.



4. Breaking capacity


Breaking capacity is an important index of ACB, which indicates the maximum current that ACB can reliably cut off under short-circuit fault. When selecting ACB, ACB with sufficient breaking capacity should be chosen according to the short-circuit capacity of the system and the expected short-circuit current. SSPD can provide ACB with high breaking capacity, such as 42kA, 65kA, 100kA, 120kA, etc. to meet the requirements of different application scenarios of customers.



5. MicroLogic control units


SSPD offers a wide range of microLogic control units to meet different application requirements. These microLogic unit are listed in the following order from lowest to highest cost:


Micrologic2.0<Micrologic5.0<Micrologic2.0A<Micrologic5.0A<Micrologic 2.0E<Micrologic5.0E<Micrologic6.0<Micrologic6.0A<Micrologic6.0E<Micrologic 7.0


Which controller is the one you want?

6. Accessories Options

SSPD also offers a wide range of optional accessories: MX, MN, 3-pin terminal, 6-pin terminal, motor mechanism and mechanical interlocking etc.  It should be noted that MX, MN and motor mechanism are 220V AC by default, if you need 24VDC or other voltages, please inform us in advance.


7. Connections

SSPD ACB Horizontal rear connection by default, but we can also provide Vertical rear connection.


8. Quality and Cost


Finally, quality and cost factors need to be considered when choosing an ACB. High-quality products not only provide better protection and experience, but also reduce the failure rate and maintenance costs. SSPD has 32 years of manufacturing experience, occupies a prominent position in China's low-voltage electrical field, and has always been adhering to the service concept of providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective products. Choosing SSPD will guarantee your quality and help you realize better economic benefits.


With the above selection guide, hope you can find the suitable products in SSPD. If you need more details, please feel free to contact us, it's our pleasure to serve you, looking forward to cooperation!


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