MX Shunt Release MN Undervoltage Release for CNSX CNSV CNS CNSD

MX Shunt Release MN Undervoltage Release for CNSX CNSV CNS CNSD
MX Shunt Release MN Undervoltage Release for CNSX CNSV CNS CNSD
MX Shunt Release MN Undervoltage Release for CNSX CNSV CNS CNSD

MX or MN voltage releases are used to trip the circuit breaker. They serve primarily for remote, emergency-off commands.
It is advised to test the system every six months.

Power supply V AC 50/60 Hz: 24 - 48 - 100/130 - 200/240
50Hz: 380/415   60Hz: 208/277
V DC 12 - 24 - 30 - 48 - 60 - 125 -250

MN undervoltage release

The MN release opens the circuit breaker when its supply voltage drops to a value below 35% of its rated voltage Un.
Undervoltage tripping, combined with an emergency-off button, provides fail-safe tripping.
The MN release is continuously supplied, i.e. if supply is interrupted:

  • either voluntarily, by the emergency-off button,
  • or accidentally, through loss of power or faulty wiring, the release provokes opening of the circuit breaker.

Opening conditions

Circuit-breaker tripping by an MN release meets the requirements of standard IEC 60947-2.    

  • Automatic opening of the circuit breaker is ensured when the continuous voltage supply to the release U y 0.35 x Un
  • If the supply voltage is between 0.35 and 0.7 Un, opening is possible, but not guaranteed. Above 0.7 Un, opening does not take place.

Closing conditions

If there is no supply to the MN release, it is impossible to close the circuit breaker, either manually or electrically. Closing is ensured when the voltage supply to the release U u 0.85 x Un. Below this threshold, closing is not guaranteed.    

MX shunt release

The MX release opens the circuit breaker via an impulse-type (u 20 ms) or maintained order.

Opening conditions

When the MX release is supplied, it automatically opens the circuit breaker. Opening is ensured for a voltage U u 0.7 x Un.

Circuit breaker control by MN or MX

When the circuit breaker has been tripped by an MN or MX release, it must be reset before it can be reclosed.
MN or MX tripping takes priority over manual closing.
In the presence of a standing trip order, closing of the contacts, even temporary, is not possible.
Connection using wires up to 1.5 mm² to integrated terminal blocks.

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