Operating Regulations for Motor Protective Circuit Breakers

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Motor protection circuit breaker is to fully protect the motor.Starting and disconnecting the motor infrequently during operation, when the motor is short-circuited, under-voltage and other faults, it can be protected. (Automatically cut off the circuit)

Motor Protective Circuit Breakers

Working conditions

1. Ambient air temperature: -20℃~+60℃
2. Temperature compensation range: -20℃~+60℃
3. Altitude: the installation location does not exceed 2000m above sea level
4. Environmental conditions: There should be no medium that can cause explosion, no harmful gas and conductive dust that can corrode metals and damage insulators.

Motor Protective Circuit Breakers

Installation conditions

1. The inclination of the installation surface and the vertical surface is not more than 30 degrees.
2. Use TH35-7.5 standard mounting rail to install;
3. The circuit breaker should be installed and used in a place where there is no obvious swing, impact or oscillation.

Motor Protective Circuit Breakers


1. The circuit breaker should be installed vertically, and before installation, check whether the technical parameters listed on the nameplate of the circuit breaker meet the requirements for use.
2. The circuit breaker should be manually operated several times before energizing, and its mechanism should be flexible, reliable, and free from obstruction.
3. Press the close button (black), the circuit is in the on state; press the disconnect button (red), the circuit is in the off state.
4. During use, the circuit breaker should be checked regularly (usually one month), that is, when the circuit breaker is closed and energized, the circuit breaker should be reliably disconnected.
5. When the circuit breaker is disconnected due to an overload or short circuit fault in the circuit, the fault should be eliminated before the circuit breaker is reclosed.
6. When the circuit breaker fails to work normally, the user is not allowed to open the circuit breaker for maintenance.
7. When using the current adjustment knob, it must be adjusted to the corresponding position according to the actual current of the line. Do not use it with overload.

When installing a motor protection circuit breaker, you must ensure that the installation conditions are in line with the parameters on the circuit breaker to avoid unnecessary accidents. If possible, ask professionals to operate. It can reduce the occurrence of accidents, and it can also be solved in time when encountering emergencies.


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