CNT06 To CNT16 Air Circuit Breaker

CNT06 To CNT16 Air Circuit Breaker
CNT06 To CNT16 Air Circuit Breaker
CNT06 To CNT16 Air Circuit Breaker
CNT06 To CNT16 Air Circuit Breaker
CNT06 To CNT16 Air Circuit Breaker
Item No. CNT06 to CNT16
Common characteristics
Number of poles 3/4
Rated insulation voltage(V) Ui 1000
Impulse withstand voltage(kV) Uimp 12
Rated operational voltage(V AC 50/60Hz) Ue 690
Suitability for isolation IEC60947-2
Degree of pollution    IEC60664-1 3
CNT selection criteria
  CNT06, CNT08, CNT10, CNT12, CNT16 CNT06, CNT08, CNT10
Rated current(A) 630,      800,      1000,    1250,    1600 630,      800,      1000
  H1 H2 L1
Type of application Standard applicatons with low short-circuit currents Applications with medium-level short-circuit currents Limiting circuit breaker for protection of cable-type feeders or upgraded transformer ratings
Icu/Ics at 440 V 42 kA 50 kA 100 kA
Icu/Ics at 1000 V  -   -   - 
Icu/Ics at 500 V DC L/R<15 ms  -   -   - 
Positon of neutral Left Left Left
Fixed F F F
Drawout D D D
Switch-disconnector version Yes No No
Front connection Yes Yes Yes
Rear connection Yes Yes Yes
Type of MicroLogic control unit A,E,P,H A,E,P,H A,E,P,H

CNT06 to CNT16
Fixed 3/4-poles device

Drawout 3/4-poles device

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