Function of under-voltage coil, shunt coil and auxiliary contact of MCCB

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Moulded case circuit breakers have a wide variety of accessories, and the most common accessories are undervoltage, shunt and auxiliary.

But what role will these three accessories play when they are installed in the MCCB?

1.  Undervoltage coil

As we all know, when the voltage is below the stable value, the electrical equipment will be damaged directly, or because the voltage is insufficient and the electrical equipment will be turned on repeatedly until it is damaged.

The purpose of the undervoltage is to disconnect the circuit breaker when the undervoltage in the circuit breaker detects that the voltage is under the rated value, so as to protect the product in the lower circuit of the circuit breaker from damage.

2.  Shunt coil

Most of the time we need to temporarily disconnect the circuit breaker for various reasons, and open the cabinet with the circuit breaker and then trip the circuit breaker. It is not convenient for some shopping malls, office buildings or factories and other large places of daily unified management.

The circuit breaker equipped with a shunt coil can be connected to an external loop, generally a button. When you need to trip the circuit breaker, just press the button to give an electrical signal, you can remotely trip the circuit breaker.

3.  Auxiliary contacts

In daily life, it is inevitable that circuit overload or short circuit will cause the breaker to trip.

In order to facilitate management, auxiliary contacts can be installed in the circuit breaker and connected to the indicator circuit. In this case, we can judge whether the circuit breaker is in the opening or closing position through the indicator light.

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