Harvesting 2023: Exciting New Products and Exhibitions, Anticipating 2024

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2023 is drawing to a close. Turning over the last few pages of the calendar, the year 2023 will become the history. Looking back to the past year, we have gained a lot.

This year we continued to focus on developing new products such as AC contactor CLC1D series, becoming the one of the best-selling products this year. Also introduced MCCB CEZC 320-600 and CNSX 400-630 thermomagnetic circuit breakers. The ace product MCCB CNSX series is also being updated in order to better integrate into the market demand, the quality and appearance have been upgraded to the next level.

In this year, we further communicated with our customers and friends face to face, participated in exhibitions at home and abroad, met new friends, and carried out friendly cooperation.

Next, we will continue to introduce products: CNSX 250-630 LCD electronic release, CNSX 250-630 new electric operating mechanism, CNS 1600 stationary electric operating circuit breaker.

Wishing you a delightful Christmas holiday and a prosperous New Year. We sincerely appreciate not only the ongoing partnership with our valued customers, but also cherish our friendship. We eagerly anticipate collaborating together in the upcoming year.

The future will witness SSPD's continuous efforts to deepen and concentrate on further advancements in the realm of "low-voltage electrical appliances", with the aim of making significant contributions to the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry.

For 2024, we wish you all the very best, much happiness, continue success and above all, good health. We are already looking forward to a better cooperation with you in the coming year.

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