CNSX Accessory Trip Unit Selection

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CNSX is our hot-sell product that has a dual-breaking contact structure and an energy release system to ensure stable and reliable protection, and has excellent current-limiting characteristics as well as high breaking capacity. It has two mains kinds of tripping unit: thermal-magnetic type and electronic type.


A detailed introduction to the thermal-magnetic or electronic trip units for you to understand and easily to choose.



□Thermal-magnetic trip unit




1.Overload protection: Thermal protection (Ir)

Overload protection has the following characteristics:

♦ lr can be adjusted in amps from 0.7 to 1 times the rating of the trip unit(16A to 250A),

♦ corresponding to settings from 11 to 250A for the range of trip units.

2.Short-circuit protection(Im): 

Short-circuit protection has the following characteristics:

♦Magnetic protection (Im) Short-circuit protection with a fixed or adjustable pick-up lm that initiates instantaneous tripping if exceeded.

♦ TM-D: fixed pick-up, Im, for 16-160A ratings and adjustable from 5 to 10 x In for 200 and 250A rating


□Electronic trip unit




Settings are made using the adjustment dials with fine adjustment possibilities.
1. Overload protection: long time protection (lr)
♦lnverse time protection against overloads with an adjustable current pick-up lr set using a dial and a non-adjustable time delay tr.
2. Short-circuit protection: Short-time protection with fixed time delay (Isd)
♦Protection with an adjustable pick-up Isd.Tripping takes place after a very short delay used to allow discrimination with the downstream device.
3.  Short circuit instantaneous protection: (li)
♦lnstantaneous short-circuit protection with a fixed pick-up.



CNSX MCCB Trip Unit Selection (Distribution protection type)the details are shown in the figure.


This article through the specific introduction of CNSX circuit breaker optional trip unit and its functional characteristics, We hope to help you make the best choice. What’s more, CNSX MCCB has multiple operating modes and a complete set of accessories to meet various user needs and application scenarios. Please consult us for details!

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