Product and Customer "Mutual Run"

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In the sales season of the just-passed golden September and silver October, our new CLC1D series of AC contactors is not only the star of our most popular product of the season, it is also a shining "New Star"!  Of course, this good result is undoubtedly the best reward for our technical team, R&D team and sales team. What's more, it is more gratifying that after customers use it for a period of time, they send us positive comments one after another, highly recognizing our products and team and giving full marks.

Customer recognition is the cornerstone of ShenDian Electrical’s growth and development. We always listen to the voice and needs of customers, using high-quality products and professional service to repay the trust of our customers.

ShenDian Electrical has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in the industry. As for CLC1D AC contactor, we use a new generation of technology platform, apply automated production and testing equipment, closely meet the needs of customers' practical application, and provide customized solutions for customers.

1.High-precision mold, mechanical performance more stable.

Our mold is high-precision mold. The investment in mold exceeds 2 million RMB. The precision of accessories is higher, and the performance of products is more stable.

2.Selecting good materials for more durable use.  

High-quality copper material, flame-retardant housing, environmental-friendly materials, more stable in electric heating industry application.

3.Process upgrading for longer service life.

Silver point process and material upgrading, 86% silver point, more resistant to arc impact, mechanical life up to 5 million times.

Excellent products and excellent customers have always been mutual efforts and mutual achievements. Our customers have seen our product craftsmanship through the use of our products, while we have seen your care and trust in ShenDian Electrical through your positive feedback...

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the thoughtful feedback from our customers, which allowed ShenDian Electrical to listen to your true feelings and created a "mutual run" moment that inspired us to develop more market-oriented products that can add value to customers' needs.

Today's quality creates a bright future! Believe in ShenDian Electrical, we will definitely add value to your needs!

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