Shendian Electrical company will attend 49TH MIDDLE EAST ENERGY DUBAI,dispaly the latest MCCB products

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Yueqing Shendian Electric Co., Ltd. are thrilled to announce that we will participate in the 49th Middle East Energy Dubai exhibition in the coming April.

Middle East Energy enjoys a 45-year legacy as a leading global energy industry event. It is held annually, with a grand scale. Middle East Energy 2023 had over 52,014+ trade and buyer visits from 170 countries, showcased their leading innovative concepts and advanced technologies on site, creating a lively atmosphere.



The Middle East electricity market is experiencing tremendous growth, and Arab countries are also changing their investment policies and simplifying investment procedures to improve the investment environment and attract more foreign investors. Thanks to the rise in oil prices and favorable investment policies, the economy of the region will continue to grow. With the rapid development of the Gulf region's economy and population growth, countries in the Middle East are continuously increasing their investment in infrastructure. At the same time, new demands are leading the booming development of electricity, lighting, and new energy markets.



Shendian's molded case circuit breakers are very popular in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria and other countries. It is attributed to its excellent performance and reliability. Our molded case circuit breakers adopt advanced technology and have excellent protective functions, which can effectively protect the circuit from overload and short circuit damage. At the same time, our design allows it to operate stably in harsh environmental conditions and resist the influence of adverse factors such as dust, moisture, high temperature, and ultra-low temperature.

As a leading company specializing in the production of molded case circuit breakers, Shendian Electric has been committed to providing customers with cost-effective, high-quality low-voltage electrical products. According to customer needs and application scenarios, we will provide personalized customized products, also more professional and comprehensive services.

We will display the latest developed molded case circuit breaker and accessories at the exhibition.We look forward to having in-depth exchanges with you at the exhibition, discussing cooperation opportunities, and creating a better future together!

Exhibition Date: 16-18th April, 2024
Booth number: H8. C31
Exhibition Location: Dubai Trade Centre


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