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“MARCH EXPO”, Alibaba’s annual B2B new trends event, it is a sales activity in March.  And our company participates in this activity, in order to offer the new and hot sale product to our customers and also explore new sales opportunities. The date is March 1st to March 31st.

In this activity, everyone of our sales team sets their own sales goal, and our team made a perfect sales plan for this event, in order to serve our customers better and promote our team to achieve the Monthly Goal. Our company provided superior financial support for the event. There will be a big cash reward when someone achieves his or her goal; if the team goal is finished, there will be an extra big prize; and there are many small awards for stage small goals in order to enhance troop morale. There is another good news for foodies. It is that our support team will prepare delicious food and afternoon tea for us so that we can conserve our energy and keep fighting. Wow! Do you smell the taste of money and delicious food? And are you drooling?

Of course, with the strong support of the company, our team also worked harder. In order to reply to our customers more timely and high-efficiency, our sales team is glad to work overtime to serve our customers better. And our production team also works overtime to make our customers get their products in advance.

In March, we also will update our product AC contactor on our own website and Alibaba store. Please pay attention.

What are you waiting for, guys? Come on, give us your inquiries and orders. The VIP service will be offered to you!

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