New Arrival of AC Contactor

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*Product Introduction:

SSPD CLC1 series AC contactor is suitable for frequency 50/60Hz. The CLC1 series AC contractors rated insulation voltage up to 1000V in category AC-3 (θ≤ 60 ℃), and the rated operation current is 9~95A in AC-3 440V. It is mainly used for making and breaking electric circuit at a long distance, and for frequent starting & stopping, and controlling AC Motors. SSPD CLC1 series AC contactor comply with IEC60947-4.

*Selling Points:

1.Mechanical life span over 5 million cycles

2.Eco- friendly material

3.48-hour salt spray test

4.Permanent wiring solidity

5.High quality copper parts

6.Support customization

1.Can I get some samples?
A: Yes, consult for details such as model of the sample you need.
2.Do you support OEM?
A: OEM is welcomed, consult for details like MOQ and design.
3.How’s the delivery time?
A:Around 25 days. It’s flexible if you have urgent order.
4.How to ensure product quality?
A: Our products have passed 100% strict quality inspections before they leave the factory.
5.Could I have price of your product?
A: Yes, please kindly tell me which model and the quantity you want to order, then I can give you the best price.

The new AC contactor has just been launched, and there will be promotional activities recently. Welcome to inquire, Shendian Electrical believes that high-quality products and considerate services will satisfy you.

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