Use and application of AC contactor

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1. What is contactor


Contactor belongs to a kind of electrical control components, mainly used to control the on-off of electrical signals, and can control high power electrical load. Its structure and principle are similar to automatic switch, but the contactor has its own power supply.


2. Use of contactor


Contactor is widely used in industrial and civil electrical equipment. Its main function is to switch the on-off state of the appliance in the circuit. For example, in the motor control circuit can be realized by contactor switching motor start-stop, positive and negative rotation, speed regulation, and other functions. Contactor can also be used in lighting equipment, HVAC equipment, electric furnace and other electrical equipment control circuits.



3. Use method of contactor


The correct use of contactor is very important to avoid damage to electrical equipment and help to improve the operating efficiency and safety of electrical equipment. The following points should be noted when using contactor:


I. Contactor installation: The contactor shall be installed in a well-ventilated place, away from moisture, corrosive chemicals and other harmful substances. Pay attention to the correctness and firmness of cable connections during installation.


II. Contactor selection: The contactor should be selected according to the electrical load power and electrical system voltage and other parameters. Too much will waste energy, too small will cause contactor failure.


III. Contactor operation: Attention should be paid to the operation specification when using, do not excessive pressure, resulting in excessive wear of the contactor.


IV. Contactor maintenance: regularly check whether the contactor connection is light and whether the contactor starts normally, so as to avoid short-circuit and other faults in the working process.


In short, the correct use of contactor can avoid the occurrence of failure, and at the same time can ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment. At the same time, attention should be paid to safety and maintenance when using contactors, so as to ensure electrical equipment and personal safety.



SSPD CLC1 series AC contactor is suitable for frequency 50/60Hz. The CLC1 series AC contractors rated insulation voltage up to 1000V in category AC-3 (θ≤ 60 ℃), and the rated operation current is 9~95A in AC-3 440V. It is mainly used for making and breaking electric circuit at a long distance, and for frequent starting & stopping, and controlling AC Motors. SSPD CLC1 series AC contactor comply with IEC60947-4.


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